Diamond Gas Operation

What we do

LNG Team

Our first mission is to perform clearance of LNG swiftly and reliably for our customers. LNG is imported to Japan from Alaska as well as Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Oman, Egypt and other parts of the world, and the import volume to Japan has been growing steadily year by year. Nowadays, in addition to our regular import services based on traditional long-term contracts, we have been required to handle cases with more advanced know-how of import operation including spot-trading in the midst of globalization of the world LNG market.

Img:Business Team

Energy Information & Analysis Team

Our second mission is to deliver information about natural gas timely and accurately. Our business outline ranges from publishing the ''Diamond Gas Report (DGR)'', an information-intensive weekly magazine featuring news and trends in the world gas business, and contributing articles to and placing ads in other related publications, to holding seminars featuring experts from both home and abroad as guest speakers.

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